Our Aircraft Fleet

The Australian National Airline College has an extensive fleet of 15 training aircraft including the following types:

  • Cessna 150


    The Cessna series of aircraft have been one of the most successful designs in civil aviation ever. The Cessna 150 series was first produced in the U.S.A in 1955 and ceased production in 1985. Capable of cruise speeds around 90 knots, the two seater Cessna 150 is an excellent trainer and touring aircraft.
  • Piper Warrior PA28


    The Warrior is one of the most popular training aircraft used in General Aviation today. It is very stable and has controls similar to those used in Commercial aircraft.
  • Piper Seminole PA44


    Originally intended for the private businessman, the four seat Seminole has proved to be an excellent multi-engine trainer. Based on the fuselage of the PA28 series and with the 180hp Lycoming engines of the Arrow and Archer variants, the Seminole is the natural step up for pilots starting their initial twin endorsements. The stability of the aircraft also makes it a good platform for instrment training.

  • Piper Arrow PA28R


    A four seat touring aircraft, fitted with constant speed propeller and retractable undercarriage, the Piper Arrow II is an ideal trainer for those wishing to obtain a commercial Pilots License. This aircraft is quick and efficient, TAS around 130 Knots, VH-MEE is fully IFR.

  • Piper Aztec PA23


    The six seater Aztec, powered by two 250 hp fuel injected six cylinder engines, is known as the “Az-Truck”. VH-KMA is an excellent aircraft for touring, freight operations and charter, the aircraft features a large comfortable interior, and is fully IFR including a supplemental GPS and HF radio. The Aztec has a TAS of around 160kts which makes this aircraft both fast and cost effective.

  • Piper Seneca


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